The Cannery is a hot, new renovation of an old downtown industrial building into luxury loft condominiums. Every unit comes with the latest technologies such as VOIP phones and automated home systems that can be controlled by a computer or smart phone. Though the high tech accoutrements are the work of suave real estate developer NICHOLAS HAMMOND and his heiress wife RACHEL SONNENBERG, the building’s hip, stylish aesthetic is the work of young artist / designer EVE PALMER and her architect husband PEYTON PALMER. They’ve just moved into one of the posh Cannery lofts.

Tied down to her roost with a new baby, the usually high-powered Eve becomes restless and anxious. Strange noises haunt her and bring back frightening memories from her childhood. Then, while business takes Peyton out of the country leaving Eve and the baby isolated and alone, the dark secrets hidden within The Cannery’s walls begin to reveal themselves. Phone calls of residents within the building are overheard through the baby’s video monitor, which is tied into the the building’s computer system. Intrigued, Eve becomes more and more obsessed with eavesdropping on the neighbors through the baby monitor.

Then one night, Eve overhears a phone conversation that implicates suave Nicholas in the planning of a murder. The more Eve listens, the more she is consumed by the urge to investigate, dragging her and gal-pal GAYLA deeper and deeper into the bowels of The Cannery and closer to the horror that haunts Eve’s dreams. Eventually, Eve’s persistent snooping makes her the murderer’s next target and the game is on.

Can Eve and Gayla solve the mystery and reveal the ugly truth before Eve’s eavesdropping costs them and the baby their lives? Or, will her fear paralyze her in her quest and make her its final victim?