New Film Sneaks Into Greenville

Mississippi native Kathilynn Phillips is returning to her roots…and she’s bringing a little something with her: A movie production! Phillips, who currently resides in metro-Atlanta Georgia will film her latest movie, Evesdropping, in Greenville, MS in early spring 2017.

So, why Greenville, MS instead of Atlanta, GA?

Location! Location! Location! The award-winning writer-director wrote the script for the film years ago but held off on producing the project until she found the perfect location. The reason: According to producers, where the film takes place is just as critical to this film as what happens; the primary location for the movie is a character in itself. So, it had to be ‘cast’ just right for the movie to really work.

Phillips had visited several loft-style buildings over the years but it wasn’t until a trip to Greenville, MS last year that she found exactly what she had been looking for when she spied The Lofts at 517. Phillips jumped into action, meeting with the building’s owner Bill Boykin and the film quickly went from a “maybe one day” dream on paper to a “the time is now” dream come true.

The film is currently in pre-production and its production office is open in Greenville, MS. Filming is expected begin this spring, just slightly ahead of The Lofts at 517 grand opening. To keep up with the latest on The Lofts at 517 visit its Facebook page:

Evesdropping is about a young mother, Eve, who lives in a beautiful hi-tech “smart” lofts, The Cannery Lofts. Tied down to her roost with a new baby, the usually high-powered Eve becomes restless and anxious. Strange noises haunt her and bring back frightening memories from her childhood. Then, while business takes her husband Peyton out of the country leaving Eve and the baby isolated and alone, the dark secrets within The Cannery Lofts’ walls begin to reveal themselves…[read the full synopsis]

For the latest updates on the film, including crew calls, casting calls and product placement / sponsorship opportunities for local businesses, visit Connect with Evesdropping socially at and

For interview requests and media inquiries, please contact Tanisha Coffey at


Kathilynn Phillips is most broadly known—nationally and internationally—for her multi-award-winning films Katrina’s Wake, Chasing The White Dragon and Space Available. To date, she has garnered 25+ awards for her work as filmmaker and is a Nicholl’s Screenwriting Fellowship (sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) semi-finalist. Phillips is the owner of Kat Scratch Films.

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